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I have used parts and accessories for any 80 to 91 Vanagons- GL's, Carat's, Wolfsburg's, & Westfalia's.

I have some Type 2 Bus accessories.

I also have new Vanagon as well as exclusive Westfalia accessories listed at

If you have any questions,comments, don't see what you are looking for, and are in need of some parts to repair or update your Van, drop me a line at;

All the prices that are posted with the individual parts do not included shipping--unless it is mentioned along with the picture & description of the item.
All prices subject to change--if my supplier's raise their prices, it will reflect on my parts prices.

If the picture's of the parts you once might have seen here are no longer posted, they have been sold --
All the prices and the parts you see listed are current.

I want you all to know this;
I sell no JUNK-all the parts listed are in excellent condition, or brand new, and unless it is mentioned in the description of an item they all are in perfect condition, or in perfect working order.

I don't like getting stuck with garbage part's that a seller misrepresented on the internet, and I sure don't want you to either.

It is the buyer's responsibility to obtain shipping insurance.
If you choose to have any item's shipped without insurance coverage, and they get lost in the mail, or are damaged in shipment, I am not responsable for the loss or damage.

Cash, Check, Postal Money Order, Visa, Master card, Discover cards are happily accepted for any transaction here---
No Problem.

If you'd like to use Pay Pal--that's OK--but I will add 3.5% to your order tolat to cover their user fee's & charges.

All ordering information you'll find at the very bottom of this page.

All order's are taken, and processed via E-Mail.

No phone order's are accepted .

Thanks for checking the Used Vanagon Parts page out--



Vanagon Rear Steel Bumper Brackets!!

Here's a pair of Vanagon Brand New NOS Rear Bumper Brackets--for any steel rear bumper.

$89.00 for the pair plus shipping


Vanagon HD Bulkhead / Firewall Fuel Fitting

The Firewall Fuel Fittings are an exact drop in replacement for the original stock, fragile, plastic fitting you have on your firewall right now.

They are old, they are brittle, and they will crack, blowing gas all over the engine compartment or behind the firewall , leaking gas onto the trans. & ground.

Not a savory thought.

I had a machine shop duplicate the mounting plates using a lazer, and are an exact fit.
The tubing I bend , put the rolled beaded ends on the heavy wall tubing to hold onto the fuel hose --exactly as the original did---

It's a bullet proof solution and a final answer to get the gas to the engine without worrying that the firewall fitting is gonna fracture & leak.

It's an excellent update, and real simple to install--for any year or model Vanagon.

The HD fitting is $39.00 plus shipping.


85 to 91 Vanagon Shift Shaft Support Bushings--NEW!

Here is Brand New shift shaft support bushings for your 4 or 5 speed 85 to 91 Vanagon.

If your having a tough time locating gears, or the shifter is sloppy--here's the correct parts you will need to tighten up the shift pattern on your ride.

The Van takes 2--One in Front, One in the rear on the transmission.

These bushings are, and have been NLA from VW--and are not available anywhere.

These new bushings are machined out of Delrin, a self lubricating , long life bushings--they will outlast your van.
They are solid material--all the way through.
Not hollow, & made out of soft polypropylene
as the original issue was.

pt# 251 711 207 D

The custom made , bullet proof bushings are now avaliable for $35.00 each


Vanagon Carat / Wolfsburg Seat Spacer's---New!

If you are thinking about installing a Carat or Wolfsburg Edition interior into your Vangaon GL, your going to need this pair of spacer's to installl the rear seat.
The Carat / Wolfsburg seat is too narrow, and you'll need these to secure the seat to the side panels.

Very limited quanity on these brand new spacer's.

$45.00 for the pair plus shipping


Vanagon 1.9 & 2.1 Oil Breather Tower O-Ring!

These oil seals for the oil breather tower have been NLA at VW for over a year.
I located a stash of them at a local VW warehouse.

Supplies of them are limited.

$3.50 each--free ship on an order of each one.
In other words, I can't load an envelope up with10 of them and expect a first class mail rate.


The exact Height Of The New O-Ring On The Breather Tower

If the old or the XYZ replacement o-ring you have is any lower than this on the base of the oil breather tower--it isn't going to seal , and it will leak oil.
This picture is the exact & proper level of the new o-ring in place in the slot in the base of the tower.


Vanagon 1.9 & 2.1 Oil Breather Tower & O-Ring

This is where the o-ring goes--on the base of the oil breather tower.
They all leak eventually with a shrunk , hard, & dried up oil sealing ring.

This oil breather tower is available too--with the new O-Ring for $65.00 plus shipping.
They are also a no longer available part from VW.
It's in nice shape--as new.


Vanagon Front & Rear Bumper Ends--NEW!

Here new bumper ends for your chrome steel Vanagon Bumper's.
They are sold in pairs--and come with the screw plugs in the ends--

$32.00 per pair plus shipping.


83.5 to 91 Vanagon Front Heater Core--NEW!`

Here's a brand new custom made Vanagon front heater core that has been not available anywhere for some time --not at VW, Not at an Auto Parts Store.
The part is No Longer Available.

These cores are a big improvement from the stock core are designed and devloped by me.

The have a larger core tubes, and flow more air over them offering bigger BTU's in the cab of the Vanagon .

They have copper cores, and steel tanks for a longer lasting, trouble free performance.

It's a neat update for your worn out front heater box & core.

$279.00 plus shipping


Vanagon Front Heater Blower Motor 3 Speed Ballast Resistor

Here's a brand new Vanagon front heater motor resistor & harness to replace the burnt up one you have.

It'll get you back to all 3 speeds on the front blower motor.

These are No Longer Available--anywhere.

I have a few of them left--when they are gone
--that's it--they are all gone, never to be had again.

$98.50 plus shipping


Brand New Vanagon Camper Dealer Plate---

Here's a Brand New Dealer Plate that designates a Vanagon Camper---

$26.00 plus shipping.


Westfalia Stainless Stove Lid / Drain Board-Nice!

Here's a replacement Vanagon Westfala Stove
Cover & Drain Board.

It's straight, it's clean, and it isn't all purple from somebody trying to cook pancakes on it--

Canadian Vanagon Westfalia's didn't have this option installed when they were new--

$97.00 plus shipping

OH--and if your needing the stainless hinge for the drain board I have had them reproduced in stainless for $29.00 each--it fits the drain board as the original did.


Early Westfalia Brown Stove Knobs

Here's a real Nice Pair of Early Westfalia Stove knobs.
No Cracks, No dings, the screw insert's are there & they are darn near perfect---and are tough to locate in this nice of shape.

They will fit on a later model Westfalia--they just aren't grey.

$30.00 for the pair plus shipping


Vintage Vanagon / Bus Floor Mount 12 volt Swamp Cooler!

Here is a vintage VW Vanagon or Bus, Bon Aire floor mounted DELUXE swamp cooler in perfect operating condition.

It's has a 12 volt blower inside of it--fill it with ice and water, and it recirculates cool air inside your Van or Bus.

It isn't like the window mounted units that always are intaking hot air, and trying to cool it down before it gets inside the vehicle.

This swamp cooler constantly recirculates the cool air that it's making inside your Bus or Vanagon

This unit also has a can or bottle cooler built into the top of it that will cool down two beverages of your choice.

It also has a built in bottle opener on the side of it.
It has two cup holder's built into the top of it, a map pocket ithe front of it, and a water level indicator.

This is a neat optional Vintage VW accessory out of the past that looks and works perfect---

It comes in the origianl Bon Aire box with the orginal instructions, parts, & warrantee card inclueded !

$350.00 plus shipping


Vanagon Engine Coolant Heater!!

Here's a new accessory that will give your 83.5 to 85 1.9 or 86 to 91 2.1 Vanagon a hand starting durring the cold winter months.

It connects into the coolant line, and when plugged in while the engine is hot---it'll keep the coolant warm all night long.

Fast, Easy Winter Starting--Fast Heat.

Easy Installation instructions, plus the hose clamps to mount the heater are included.

$39.00 plus shipping


86 to 91 Vanagon Front Disc Brake Pads

Here is a lightly used pair of genuine VW issue front brake pads-
They don't have 1500 miles on them, and are 99 % all there.

$26.80 for the set plus shipping


Vanagon Reman Rear Axle Housings

I'm rebuilding rear axle housings.
Send me your big miled, no maintainece, housing & axle , and I send you back a rebuilt one, with new inner and outer bearings, inner and outer seals installed, the bearings are repacked with high pressure, high temp grease, and I drill,and install a zerk fitting into the housing so you can easily periodicly grease the rear axle bearings.

The price is $325.87 per rebuilt axle assembly exchange only, and are on a build to order basis.

If your hubs / axles are destroyed, or you don't have a core, add $200.00 per axle housing to the price for the core charge.

If you do have a good core the $200.00 is refundable within 30 days.
You have a month from the time of delivery to get the job done & get the core back to me, which is plenty of time.

I need them back ASAP to use to rebuild for somebody else's Van that may be broken.
The axle shaft must be good to use as a rebuilder, as well as the axle housing.

If not, the core charge is null & void.


Vanagon Rear End Axle Seals---

One Brand New pair of Automatic Trans rear axle seals---

$ 43.70 for the pair


Vanagon Coolant Engine Compartment Bleeder Loop

Here's a custom made steel bleeder loop, to replace the dried up,& fractured plastic or rusted out one you now have on yor Van.

It's an exact duplicate of the original , in heavy wall steel tubing---& replaces the No Longer Available, broken, leaking loop in your Vanagon,

This is another VW Vanagon part that I custom manufacture & is only available here from me---

It fits all 83.5 to 91 water cooled Vanagons.

$189.00 plus shipping.


Vanagon 1.9 Feed Valve To Pipe Custom replacement Hose!

Here's the lower "H" pipe to coolant pipe
replacement hose--custom built.

These pipes for the 1.9 are also No Longer Available from VW.

The VW hose pt. number is;

This hose is for the later model 1.9's with the 1.50" coolant hose running to the radiator.

All the clamps & fittings to fit are included.

$112.00 plus shipping


Vanagon (86-91) Stainless Replacement Coolant Hose

Here's a custom built replacement coolant return hose to the Thermostat housing for any Automatic trans Vanagon.

The original VW part number is;


The hose is no longer available from VW.
I developed these replacement hoses & manufacture them especially for Vanagons, & they fit perfect!

All the clamps, hoses & stainless pipe are included.

$159.00 plus shipping.


The Stock Original Hose Is On The Top--

The duplicate I manufacture is on the bottom.

It's a perfect match and fits just as the stock hose did--



Vanagon 2.1 Coolant Expansion Tank Lower Hose

This hose runs from the coolant expansion tank to the water pump.

It's a brand new Volkwagon issue hose, and the last one in the VW had in the warehouse.

They are now NLA ( no longer available )

VW parts # 025-121-108-D

$29.25 plus shipping.


Vanagon 2.1 R/H Head Coolant Hose

Brand spanking new R/H head to coolant distribution block hose.

VW parts # 251-121-130-B

$19.25 plus shipping


Vanagon 2.1 Lower Thermostat housing hose

One perfectly in good shape late model lower thermostat hose--used

$3.50 plus shipping


Vanagon Trailer Wiring Conversion Kit !

Ever tried to hook up any trailer lights to your Vanagon and found that the trailer lights won't work?

Here is what you need to get the lamps on the trailer to function;

A European tail lamp to US trailer tail lamp conversion kit.

It's a brand new kit-- and comes complete with installation instructions.

$37.85 plus shipping.


Front Turn Signal/ Parking Lamp Bulb Sockets!!!

The front turn signal bulbs holder's / sockets are a No Longer Available Part from VW.
If your turn signal's or front parking lights won't work , it's 99.9% probably because the bulb holder contacts are so rusted up, and rotten that they won't make contact with the bulb any longer.

The plug in terminal's are probabaly rusted off of the sockets.

Big problem--and pretty common.

I have a few new bulb holder sockets so you can correct the problem & get your front T/S & parking lamps working again.

I only have few of the sockets available.

$24.40 each plus shipping.


Vanagon Rear Side Marker Lenes

One Brand New pair of Genuine VW Issue side marker lamp lenes for any 80 to 91 Vanagon.

These are not the Made in Taiwan, Bombay, or Sierra Leone look alikes available at most of any of the other on line parts distributor's---

If your looking for genuine lenes that will stay red, and not fade out in 6 months, these are what you want.

$62.00 for the pair, plus Priority Mail Shipping.


Vanagon Rear Marker light Socket & Wiring Harness--New!

Here is a brand new side marker light wiring harness & socket assembly.
It's the only way to replace your rusted out and corroded socket--because it's the only way it's available.

Replace the whole set up and your Van's side marker lights will be good for another 20 years.

$54.20 each plus priority mail shipping.


Vanagon Side Marker Lens Mounting Hardware

One full set of nylon mounting nuts, & screws to replace the dried up and spinning lens mounts on your van.

$9.80 plus shipping


Vanagon Air Conditioning Interior Temp Sensor

This is the temperature sensor that regulates the compressor's running time , and the temp of the cold air blowing inside your Van--

$ 28.00, plus shipping.


Vanagon Rear Air Conditioning Motor --NLA

Here's one brand new rear AC motor & fan assembly---

$49.00 plus shipping.


Several Front Doors

Two white, one R'H front doors off a 90 Carat and a 87 Maroon GL---no bangs-- no dents--no rust---complete with glass---no mirrors, or interior door panels-- ask for prices.


Thottle Body to Intake Plenum Seal

If you ever remove your throttle body from the van to clean it up, or adjust it, the gasket / seal between the mating surfaces should be changed--
If you don't you may develope an intake leak in between the mating surfaces.

Not good for optimum running performance.

Here's a brand new Throttle Body gasket to assure your getting a leak proof seal.

$13.22 plus shipping.


Vanagon 2.1 Throttle Postioning Switch Operating Cam

If your finding your Van is stalling, having off idle
problems, and are pretty sure you have TPS problems, it may not be the Throttlle Postioning switch itself.

It has a cam with operates it, makes it open and close at the right time, so the ECU has the right information of when to have the engine at full or no fuel.

This plasic cam operates the TPS.
It is a wear item--How many times does the TPS open and close durring one day?

Anyway--here is a new TPS operating cam that's required to make the switch work properly

Prior to changing the Throttle Postioning Switch itself, I'd change the plastic cam first--it most likely is your problem.

$15.00--plus shipping.


Throtlle Postioning Switch Adjustment Cam

Here's a brand new throttle Postioning Switch adjustment cam for any late 85 to 91 Vanagon.

The reason you may want to get a new one in your throttle body is the allen head screw gets all plugged up with engine snot--and usually will strip when try and adjust the TPS--leaving you unable to get the proper switch adjustment.

$13.00 plus shipping


Vanagon Throttle Return Spring-New!

One brand new Vanagon Throttle return Spring.
$8.69 plus shipping.


Vanagon Automatic Trans Kick Down Rod Spring

Here's a brand new Vanagon Automatic Trans Kick Down Rod Spring.

$7.80 plus shipping


Vanagon Automatic Trans Kick Down Rod Spring Retaining Clip

Here's a Brand New Vanagon Automatic Trans Kick Down Rod Spring Clip to Replace the one that you just lost when it slipped outa your finger's and disaspeared under the Van.

$2.30 each plus shipping.


Vanagon Automatic Trans Kick Down Rod Assembly

Here's a Perfect Used Vanagon Automatic Trans Kick Down Rod Assembly--they are NLA from VW.
It has a new spring & retaining clip included for the thottle shaft end of the rod.

$59.60 plus shipping


Vanagon 2.1 Heated Oil Vent Line Element.

This heated element fits into the oil breather hose that connects to the bellows between the AFM and the throttle body .

It's in perfect shape.

$15.00 plus shipping


Vanagon New Fuel Pump !

I have a few brand new fuel pumps in stock---

Why buy a used one and wonder if it's gonna work--or how long it's gonna last?

Do the job once and be done with it for another 200,000 miles.

$198.00 plus shipping


Vanagon Air Cleaner Mount Rubber Grommets-NEW!

I know my Vanagons air cleaner's wouldn't stay
put---the mount rubber grommets that hold them in place dry rot and shrink, or got oil soaked, swelled up and the air cleaner wouldn'f stay put.

Here's the answer--two new grommets.
Pop the old one's out--slip the new one's in.
Your done--and so is the Bouncing Betty air cleaner assembly.

$8.50 a pair plus shipping.


83.5 to 85 Rear muffler Hanger Support Rod / Holder

Like new-and perfect---

$49.80 plus shipping


83.5 to 85 Rear Muffler Support Rod Center

Perfect early model rear muffler support rod that fits in the center of the upper hanger.

$29.80 plus shipping


83.5 to 85 Rear Muffler support front

Perfect early Vanagon rear muffler support rod that goes to the front of the hanger.

$20.90 plus shipping


80 to 85 L/H Engine Side Exhaust Support Rod

One perfect L/H exhaust pipe support rod.

$29.70 plus shipping


Vanagon Muffler, Tail Pipe & Converter Flanges--NEW

Need to do some welding on a busted up muffler, Tail Pipe or Converter?

Wanna build your own muffler?

Here's new in the box flanges to fit.

And they are the hot set up for connecting the exhaust parts , because they don't have threaded holes--they are bolted together with a nut and a bolt--no locked up fastener's in the threaded flanges.

$16.95 ea, plus shipping.


Here's What The Flanges Replace

Take a look at this paper thin, rusted out Flange on this converter.

Not one good exhaust sealing area available here.

The flanges on this converter are all done--but the converter is still a servicable unit with new flanges welded onto it.


Here's one End Of the Used Converter With the New Flange Welded on

The original flanges were shot--the new flanges will give you another 100,000 miles outa the converter.

Don't have a welder?
Don't know how to weld?

Send me your converter & I'll weld up the new flanges to it for & 80.00 plus the new flanges , plus shipping both ways.


Vanagon Power Steering Pump Pulley--

Here's a perfect Vanagon replacement Power Steering Pump Pulley---looks like new

$17.50 plus shipping.


Vanagon Upper Starter Bolt---NEW

One brand new Vanagon Allen Head Upper Starter Bolt to replace the stripped out allen headed bolt that you rounded out in the process of removal.
It comes complete with the nut--

$14.70 plus shipping.


Mitchell's AC Training / Service Manual

So you want to get your AC unit in your Vanagon up and running, be able to service it yourself & don't know exactly where to start--what to do?

Here's the best way to get going, and to understand your Vanagon's AC system & components.

This Mitchells AC training manual will walk you through every component, & system operation, and also has an easy to read, easy to follow trouble shooting guide.

I have had a Snap On Service / training manual for 35 years and it's nothing more than a copy of this book, with a Snap On cover on it.

It helped me out big time when I was learning how to service work on automotive AC units.

It's a big help, and will help you understand what's going on, and what's does what in your vehicles AC system.

This lightly used Mitchell's AC Service Manual is $35.00 plus shipping


Ordering Info;

If you see the parts posted--they are available.

Here'e how to order;

Send me an E-Mail message with ;

(1) The parts you want / need
(2) Your address or place you want the parts shipped to.

I'll respond with a shipped price.
Forward the funds, using the method of your choice, the parts will ship.


Pal Pal is welcome, just figure that there will be the 3.5% user fee onto the shipped total.

Use my E-Mail address all in lower case lettering over at Pay Pal;

If you choose to send cash, check or money order my mailing info is;

Terry Kay
621 Larkdale Ln.
Mt.Prospect,IL. 60056

All order's are processed via E-Mail only.

If you have an important question, are broke down, or need a part yesterday, you can call me at;

All Used, & custom made to your order parts sale's are final.

No Exceptions.

If you ordered the wrong part, or changed your mind after you received it, don't ask for a refund or credit,
I'm not there inspecting what's wrong with your Van, or know what you need.
I don't have a crystal ball handy, and I'm am not a mind reader.

That's your job to be sure what you want when you order parts to make the purchase & repair on your Van right.

If you have any problems identifying what you want / need send me a picture of the part (s)
This will eliminate any ordering error's or problems.

If I made an error in shipping the wrong part, I'll be more than happy to accept the returned item & extend a credit on a futue purchase.

If you choose to have the parts shipped without optional insurance--any loss or damage is the responsibility of the buyer.

There are two rules here which are adhered to & etched in stone;

The first Rule is;

There is absolutley no returns on any built to order parts, or Electrical items--

The second rule is;
Read Rule One.

Thanks Much,


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